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All efforts are being made to keep all information on this site free of errors as possible. The funstuff such as playlists are for private use only and we cannot not be held liable for unauthorised use.

See copying for private use in Australia:-

Many Australians make copies of copyright material - perhaps most commonly, music, television programs and films - for their own private use. In practice, these copies may be stored on and accessed from home computers, personal video recorders, digital discs, portable devices such as smart phones and tablets, and on other devices. Increasingly, copies may be stored on remote computer servers.

This BJTAudio website has been setup to stream copyrighted materials from a private collection stored on a private server for private use. The server provides private streaming services to remote locations and portable devices over the Internet. It is an act of copyright infingement for anyone, to download and or stream or copy any copyrighted materials from this server. The exception being free material that I own the copyright too that I provide free to the public. While the server is password protected it is illegal to circumvent security measures to gain unauthorised access.

The playlists are for private use and are not to be used for copyright infingement, please direct you're inquires to and/or report unauthorised activitiy such as linking to this site please contact the webmaster: Bevan

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